St. Louis trip and Korean Aqualette Green Tea recovery mask!! =D

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh boy. It's been a while hasn't it? As you all know, we went to St. Louis to get a new couch and coffee table, which I love both very much! Our couch is a sage color (Did I ever mention green is my favorite color?) And the coffee table has two slide out chairs. SO neat!!!! So while we were there, we met up with friends, had supper, and went shopping!!! That's also obviously a favorite of mine. So on to the first review!!!!

So we went to a mall, which...honestly I can't remember the name of, and went to a few stores. But a store called Forever 21 happened to catch my eye. Looking like a fancy boutique, it was decorated with fancy white tables, and everything a girl could dream of! The walls were encased with lots and lots of jewelry, all for what is fairly cheap. I could buy the same jewelry here in my local town, and probably pay double for it.

I promised the boyfriend I wouldn't buy too much, or go bankrupt ahahaha. So I only bought a few cheap face masks, a pair of earrings, and a little lip gloss kit with three different shades.

I'm not really sure what brand the lip gloss is, as the only thing on the box says "Love & Beauty." I'm not really a fan of the red tinted lip gloss, but the other two go on pretty smooth, and I have a really bad problem with chapped lips in the winter. These worked better than most chapsticks that I buy at my work, which I thought was amazing. The whole set was only $3.80, another part that makes this great.


Ahh. There are so many things that I can say about this mask. I am only saddened that I won't be anywhere close to get more. I really should of bought more than just one. When pulling this out of the package, you would think that it would be a spread on mask, you know, the mud or slimey stuff that you end up washing off later. But surprise! It ends up coming out exactly how it looks on the package, only I think a little bit creepier. You use it of course after showering and cleansing your face, leaving your pores open to accept all the loveliness of this mask. I left it on for about 30 minutes, it was just so relaxing, but I don't think they suggest you leave it on that long (10-20 maybe.)  I took a short little relax nap with it on, and went upstairs to throw it away, and look at the progress. Sometimes I have problems with these masks because a lot of them are cheap, and slimey and make my skin break out. BUUUT! I cannot say that about this one. This mask was only $1.80, but was worth probably more than those 3 dollar ones you buy at Wal*Mart.

The thing they don't mention is the whitening power of this. It instantly cleared up my pores, and made my skin color all ....well normal. I don't know if many of you are familiar with asian skin care, but they have a lot to do with whitening and correcting the tone of your skin color, and also have the ability to sometimes remove facial scars caused from acne. Like I said, for a $1.80, I can't believe the work it did on me. And my skin was as smooth as silk!! I really do regret not buying more, or being able to have access to these locally, but perhaps I can find them on the internet soon =).

SO that was the review. Now for more about the St. Louis trip. We ended up meeting with the boyfriend's friend, and going out for supper at Oceano's Bistro, which is a wonderful seafood restaurant. I ended up having the scallops.
Mmmmm! Delicious! And fancy!!! However after 3, I was done. I highly recommend this place if you are in the mood for sea food, and are ever in the St. Louis area. They also served us some homemade bread made in a brick oven, along with an oil dip which I think I enjoyed more than any of my meal.  However, the price is a little expensive (Not really, $20 or more for a plate, which is reasonable if you know seafood.)

The night ended with some Irish pubs, where the evening went on for a very long time. Needless to say, it was a tiring journey home along with having to fight the snow. But it was enjoyable! Definitely a vacation that I needed.

Well that's all for now, I'll have to blog about the other face masks when I get around to using them, which one I have, but I thought I should put the other two together, ya know?? Soon I will be reviewing some BB cream that I ordered, which sounds pretty delicious to my skin right about now. =) So on that note, I'm leaving you with what St. Louis looked like by the end of the night, you know, after the pubs =D!!! Goodnight everyone!!

Ewww. Not feeling too good at this point =S


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