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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On the first note, I am having problems replying to your comments on my blog!! =(!!!! But thank you for your comments!!

So I took the photos for a wedding this weekend, and wow! What an amazing time, and what good pictures I got! I'll share my favorite shots with you now!

What a beautiful time!! But now for the part you guys are here for. This is a very Summer post. We are going to Branson next week for a whole week! And then Florida for a week at the end of July!! So I thought I should probably get some sun screen, and summer accessories.  But along with that I found some cute shirts!!! For $3.80 each or something like that.

The first one I am wearing in this picture, bright colored zig zag lines!! All of these are cami's, so they are nice and cool for everyday use on hot Summer days!!!
Oooh, I love the pink and yellow combination! I used to not be a fan of yellow, but I am REALLY feeling it this Summer. Along with this shirt are Salon Perfect #45 Black eyelashes, in a starter kit. The lashes are not too thin, and not too long =). Can't wait!! Also are the Goody brand Island Sun Blossiming Beauty Bobby Slides. sooooo pretty. And they are vibrant against my red hair!
This is my FAVORITE PRINT!!! Those flowers are just gorgeous!!! The first item is Suave Captivating Curls spray gel. Since I have naturally curly hair and love it(plus it's just really easy to style when it already wants to do that~!) The next is Dove body mist in pomegranate & lemon verbana scent. It claims to have moisturizer in it too!!! Very fresh!!!Now the most I'm most excited about! The Hawaiian Tropic After Sun moisturizer. It is in lime coolada scent. I've already used some!! So soft and such delicious scent!!!! Not to mention it's in my favorite color!!!

Well...I guess I'm still on the crackle nail craze.

They didn't have black(No where does! It is a popular color!) So I got red and purple now. Hmm... I don't know how I am gonna pull this off. What colors do you think I should use as base?? Also, since I have so much yellow now, I got yellow polish too!!!
#250 Lightening in Sally Hansen Insta-Dry series. =)

OH! I forgot to blog about our night in St. Louis! We went to the Firebird, and watched a comedian named Kyle Kenane. Very funny, a little gross, but hilarious. I drove home from St. Louis for the first time and was very VERY nervous.
His grandma gave me that necklace!! She actually gave me a lot of jewelry. And I love it all!!!

Sally Hansen Crackle nail polish review! NEW LENS!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello everyone! Here I come back with my FIRST real review since taking that hiatus. The new crackle nail craze!!! My coworker had the black crackle nail polish from Sally Hansen, and I have the gold. Hers looked awesome against her red! Very bold colors. However I went a different route, and decided to get 06 Antiqued Gold in the Crackle nail polish and 440 Calypso Blue from Complete Salon Manicure line from Sally Hansen.

Ooooh such pretty beach colors. Well, that's what I had in mind for it anyways. Let me remind you that the night before I had tried the black base coat and gold crackle top. Needless to say, I didn't do it right somehow. I didn't understand! This is when my coworker told me that you have to let your base coat dry ALL THE WAY for like, 20 minutes. I retried this last night and had better luck!

Now that it's actually on, I don't know how I feel about it. It looks sort of different in person, a little more vibrant I think. But it looks more seafoam green and gold. Still, I wanted earthy tones since it's summer, so this is what I got.

Did I mention I dyed my hair??

(Please do not mind the no makeup!!! This is in the morning today!!) Wooo! Dark! Not too much ?? Compared to what I was before

NOT much of a difference. But I got bored and needed change hahaha.

I used L'Oreal Preference Color RR07. I already have natural red hair, so it just makes it a little more intense of red.

I loooooove this hair dye! It has a conditioner that reminds me of the rose perfume I got from a Disney magainze once. (Yes, I saved it from a little girl til I was an adult to use it, and now it is gone, and it had Belle on it!!)
My hair was very soft afterwards too, even Zac said so!!

So I got a new lens for my Canon camera. The 50mm 1.8 canon lens! I am getting a lot more jobs now taking photos, and finally got some new stuff for my camera!! Prepare for some massive cute kitty pictures and people I love! By the way, the pictures for the nail crackle part of the review is with the new lens! It is a very good macro!

One of the kittens at my Grandma's house!! He is the oldest, and he doesn't really have a name. But he is crazy and chases his tail for like, minutes at a time. He has no one to play with his age =(!!

HAHAHAHA! The best picture taken of a McDonald's cup ever!! The real photo you can zoom in and actually read the cup!! So crisp the focus is!

My papa! He just got his hair cut !!!! So funny =)!

And my favorite guy! He had just got off work and was not exactly thrilled about me using him to take people pictures first XD!!! Poor guy, what he puts up with.

So that's about it. I plan on buying the black crackle nail color, just because I think you can do more with bolder colors. Tonight we are going to St. Louis to see a comedian for Zac's birthday! It's not today, but is next week. And I'm waiting on his birthday gift =(. Come soon!
Also, tomorrow I am having lunch with an old friend I haven't seen in a while! I cannot wait!!

I leave you with a picture of my feet and dogs =)!

What a long hiatus! PHew I'm back!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

(Warning! Image heavy =S!)

Wow. I was gone for a really long time. Between working and just not having internet -.0'' it was a really long time!! But now I am back, and have so much to tell and share!
So we finally have internet, hahaha. I convince Zac it was indeed time for us to get it. He didn't argue back =D! Oh!! Did I also mention I have an Iphone now?!

Hahaha. Thanks Jenny for the wonderful case idea! I had to get it after all the ones I had seen. Almost everybody asks me why I'm carrying a cassette tape around =) lol.
So with this new iphone, I decided I should start a photo blog, or just a photo something. I take so many pictures with this, that it's more fun to update what is going on in random times. You can see what I have so far at my flickr account =) even though I will still mostly try and update here more often. 

Geeze! Work makes me write short entries. Perhaps soon I will give you a full blog report. Lots of makeup, hair products, and more princess mimi eyes!!! =)

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