Sugarpill review!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hi everyone! Long time no see! It's been really busy at work, and just haven't really had anything "new" to review. Vacation was great, life is great, and I'm glad Fall is here!! Sweaters are my favorite to wear! And I decided to start getting my Halloween stuff ready early, and I'm going to be a fox!! I decided to buy Sugarpill cosmetics to get a wild look. Well, I played around with it, and here is what I have to say about it!

What cute packaging! This is the box that you get in the mail. At this point you are really excited to see what other goodness could be in this cute little box.

Inside was a sticker, business card, collector card and a loose powder sample. A lot of free gifts! That was a plus. I always like it when the business actually gives treats and thank you's for your business =).

I ordered the colors Flamepoint and Love+ in the pressed powder. I always wear urban decay eye primer, to bring out the vibrant colors and making them last all day.
Soooo vibrant! The color is intense, and is easily applied. I blended a brown shimmer elf shadow on top of it to make it just a little bit more shimmery. I think it will definitely give my a fierce look for my fox costume.

Has anyone else realized how wonderful the new Lauren Conrad lines are? I was in love her summer line, and I bought a majority of her fall line.

I have the first sweater and these shorts on in the photos above. I also have the sweater with the shorts pictured on Lauren Conrad. So cute!
I have a shorter version of this skirt from her line, but couldn't find it on the site...But I love this one as well!!!! Her whole line is adorable. I suggest you take a look if you ever get the chance!

I'm hoping to start stitching soon, I need a hobby of some sort. I also need to look into getting a digital book reader, they're easier to hold and turn pages on for me with my hand cramps. I'm starting to get busier with my photography as well. I entered a contest not too long ago and got a second and third place ribbon. So things are picking up. Well, I gotta go figure out supper =(! Hope you guys enjoyed the return!

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's been really busy, and such a long time since I've posted. I just wanted to give a heads up that I will be updating in the next few days! It will include some outfits for Fall, vacation, a Sugar Pill review, and more! Thanks for those who have stuck around and plan on reading in the future =D!!!

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