Princess Mimi green apple (BAMBI SERIES) Contact lenses!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is going to be a very short post, for I have to work in a little bit, but I had to let everyone know about the Bambi lenses (Princess Mimi) That I received!! They are pretty popular right now, and I was afraid I wouldn't get them in. BUT I DID MUAHAHAHA!! Thank you Pinky Paradise for having them for 23.90 instead of 32.00 like I was seeing at different places!!! I always trust Pinky Paradise, they have never done me wrong!!!

Check THAT out!!! I think it shows up REALLY good on my natural blue eyes. Sorry for the no makeup deal, I haven't gotten ready for work yet. Buut look at how super green those are!! WOW!! This is my first green pair, so I'm really happy with the outcome. I highly suggest these, in any color, because I feel they are made with amazing design. Remember that different color of natural eye may make different eye colors with the lenses.

Did I mention I cut off all my hair.....?????

eh, not a very good picture, but what can you expect with cell phones. It's all gone. I can't even put it in a pony tail lol...but I felt that I couldn't handle the weight of my hair anymore, so it's a situation that took a lot of thinking to go through. But now I have to go to work, and I'm sorry to everyone that I haven't been posting a lot, a girl at work just had her baby( Which is the most adorable baby girl I've ever seen!! Congrats Jessica!!!) and we've been making up the hours for her. So hopefully someday I'll have time!! So now I leave you with a picture of what I got today!!

Rohto lycee eye drops, green frog contact holders, Princess Mimi lenses, and a kamipita bow!!! Thanks everyone!!

rrrrr... busy week at work. photography post?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I have absolutley NO time to write all my reviews that I want, and boy do I have a lot of them. I have got a lot of the newer makeup that's been out for about a month now, but just haven't had time to do it, because CVS is keeping me busy 24/7. I feel like I have neglected this nice little side hobby blog of mine, and felt that I should at least post something. So I figured why not some self portraits I did in photography, pictures that I actually look good in hahahaha. I promised this weekend, I will have a real review up.

On to the pictures!!!!

This is about I'd say a summer or two ago. Yes, that is some straight hair!!! What the heck? I don't know, I have come to love my natural curly hair, plus it's so much easier to do than straighten my thick hair.
here is what it looked like in color:

Wow. Look at that blonde-orange fire going on there. I absolutely love it, but not the damage it takes to make it that color. I do it almost every summer, and everyone loves it, and I'm thinking about doing it again soon, but should I???

This was taken at my grandmother's house, and one of my dad's favorite pictures of myself. No tripod, all did by just holding the camera. Most of these are in black and white, because I think it looks better, a little more classier when you do a fashion self portrait shot.

Taken at my grandparents. This time it was a tripod. This is a fan favorite for some reason, though I don't think I look as pretty as I do in the other ones =S.

This is one of my favorites, and also what happens when I come home at night alone and drunk hahaha.
I'm surprised I didn't break my camera, nor have a horrible and ruined shot. I also like how my head for some reason looks a little bigger than my body. =S

This was before I quit smoking, and photoshopped the clock over the face. It was supposed to show a girl waiting as the time went by, but I dunno. Art can tell so many different stories. =).

and now for some photography not of myself!!! Hoorah!

Tiny Tim was a very small kitten that was born at my grandparent's house. He never grew very big, and is still quite small. I call him a dwarf cat, which I don't think he minds. This photo has gotten a lot of favorites at deviantart, and is one of the more popular photos of mine.

This is my favorite, the colors, the bokeh, everything.  These bluebirds are crazy though! When I was in the kitchen window trying to take their pictures, they would fly into the window for some reason. Crazy birds. But I got this wonderful shot of one, so that makes me happy!

Bees are one of my favorite insects. However, I do not like being stung by them. We have a bunch of flowers at my mother's house, seeing we lived in the country. There were lots of chances to take pictures of these little guys!

I...absolutely....hate spiders. Scared to death of them. But I had to get super close to this corn spider to get the shot. He never really got angry or moved unless I breathed on him, and everytime he did I ran away screaming like a fool.

These transformers are out on the old dirt road that goes to my grandfather's old oil wells, and I just thought they looked like a couple enjoying the day. the heart bokeh was added by photoshop, which helps entitle the photograph, "Sparks are Flying".

I think that is it for now. If you want to see more of my nature photography, you can go to My deviantart page  and check things out =). I guess photography is more of my good hobby, but I just like doing so many different things, and it's harder these days to take pictures in cold Illinois weather. I can't wait for spring!!!!!

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