Lots to update?? Sally Hanson nail polish strips, eye primer, leopard nails??

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ohmygosh. It was been a long week. I guess I haven't updated in a while, which makes me feel even worst. But ah, at least I'm here now. So I just want to let everyone know how wonderful my Valentine's day was. (Kind of late for this entry, but I still feel it is necessary. ) The day began with a Doctor's appointment, and then I came home to the lovely site of roses.

Aww how sweet! I had bought a cake that day, and it was the most delicious cake I had ever tasted. However, Zac a day later swiped it off the counter accidently, and then there was no more delicious cake =(.

Awww. We had just got back from TGI Friday's. Delicious! I got the Sizzling Chick and Shrimp while he got some kind of other chicken or maybe even a Jack burger. I love dressing up, but I noticed a lot of couples really didn't. Not saying there's anything wrong with that, just I like makeup too much. So the outfit and jewelry were from Maurices;

I had a $10 off coupon punch card that day, so I got everything for about $36. The makeup is by L'oreal, the eye studio shades in Sapphire Siren. 

So a couple of nights later I decided to get those new nail polish strips from Sally Hansen? I got the #350 Misbehaved.

These go for around $8 here.and are made for any nail size. 
Oooh. Look at that strip! So obviously, the little tab goes on the top of the nail so you can pull the tab, and file the tip for adjustment. So I was pretty satisfied with the results, for I have used another brand of strip nail polish before, and the situation not going so well. I was pretty sure this product wasn't going to work, and that I wouldn't keep my hopes up too much. But I was proven wrong. The next day, none of the polish had come off in sleep. I went to work, which CVS is horrible on nails, and it only got a few dents in. The real problem came when I would shower. The bottom of these nails don't always fit perfectly right, and may go over your cuticle just SLIGHTLY! And all of a sudden your hair likes getting stuck in the tiny cracks where nail and polish don't meet. Ouch. Not really, but just an annoyance. But still, they hardly faded in the shower. I then began working on earrings that I've been making, and that's when the polish met its match. I got bored with this pattern, only because I saw some fake nails at Wal*Mart that are red and leopard print. Yeah...how teenager rockstar of me, but hey, I LOVED them. So I had to try and take this polish off before I put on the nails. Ugh, would not come off easily. Took forever . But I think the end result is good =)

So yeah. I've been making earrings because I get bored easily, and need something to do that is productive. And I thought if I could buy jewelry, I could make it and not worry about paying $10 for a pair I'll only wear once. So I bought the kit, some beads, and dug through old jewelry I knew I wouldn't use. This is what I came out with. 

Eeek. I have a few more I made, but I don't have pictures of them yet. I love the angel wing ones, but I don't have anything pink to wear these with. But they're so pretty =(.  

So I dunno, these earrings are just a way to let steam off I suppose. We spend a lot more time at home than out anymore, not that I mind. I like staying inside, and enjoying old movies or cleaning the house together. But then again, I like going out every once in a while too. Well I have written all I need to say for today! I will leave you with the gift I got after we got done having dinner with Zac's sister. We ate at Ruby Tuesday's, and it was delicious. 

A lavender and peach martini. The bartender said most didn't like it, but I loved it! Even the dipping the lavender tea bag in it! He advised that I not make the martini completely purple, or it would be like drinking perfume. But yum yum!! 

Valentine's Day!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

This is my first year for celebrating Valentine's day with Zac, and I just have to say I am extremely lucky. And to make this day special, I thought I would share what I was wearing, and a very small review of makeup. It's also an update review to my skin79 product that I did a review for.

Hard Candy Ginormous Lash. I have had this mascara for about six months now (They tell you to get rid of old mascara because it can clog pores, become clumpy,all in all bad stuff happens.) But it still seems to work it's magic on me. It's the only stuff that doesn't clump, but still gives me volumous eyelashes. I should just stop buying other mascara, but like most of us, I have this horrible addiction to makeup I don't or haven't owned before. Hard Candy makeup can be found at Wal-Mart, for around anywhere from 6-8 bucks. They have the outragous and vibrant colors that Wal-Mart carries for makeup.

This is a CVS item, which I believe is called "The Color Workshops" I actually got a set of four of these eye shadow kits, two lipsticks, two lip gloss & blush, with four eyeliner pencils. The cost was about $1.99, for it was a Christmas item and was on clearance. These little guys don't work well on eyes unless you wet the brush down. But it's ok, they work WONDERS when you do.  The gift set was originally 9.99, so I don't think this is really expensive makeup. For my eyes I used the bottom right one first, then the middle, and then the top for my highlighting.  I usually don't wear smokey eyes, so this was the first time using this palette.

I also used Physicians Formula blush, in a coral color, I don't really remember what it's called. My foundation is the skin79 product I had reviewed earlier, which I said I needed a bit more time to review. It works WONDERFUL! I no longer have any breakouts, I use it as a foundation since it is tinted, it's a moisturizer, and it covers my pores completely! I am really impressed with this, and will use this FOREVER.  I also used a charcoal eyeliner on the upper lid, and lower lid, from Covergirl.

This is the end result. I also have my Barbie Gossip Aqua's in this, and this is with no flash. I think it looks good...But I could be wrong lol. I think it's a VERY Simple smokey eye.

Hahaha. And the big result. Did I forget to tell you all, I got my hair done too? This is more of my natural color of red, instead of that dark stuff. It is becoming spring outside, so I thought light would go with happy weather.

And this is my dress I'm wearing tonight. So I will make sure to take lots of pictures!! And tell you where we went to eat. I get so excited over food =S. So there ya go! A small update! And Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!!

Bathing suit has arrived!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear Mod Cloth, I FRIGGIN LOVE YOU! My Esther williams bathing suit came in today, and of course, you have to try all new things on!! SO I DID.

So fair warning, I'm not bikini model sized, but I had to share how wonderful this suit is.

Don't mind the messy bed =S.

Ooooh. What prettyness. But it really doesn't look that goood.....it needs a body!!! It just looks all wrinkled and crap without one!!! So let us see what it looks like when you pop a random red head in.....

WHHOAAA! Cover your eyes! That pale skin is like lightening flashing! But in all seriousness, wow. I like the overall look of it. And a lot of people were apparently having a problem with sizing, and it being a slimmer fit than what it says on the site, nu uh. I ordered a 16 because of my bust, and the rest of it is not snug, but comfortable. And gives me room if I grow from the winter ahahahaha. And to remind you.....

It's an Esther Williams BABY! $89 plus shipping and handling!! There's not too many left, one thing I hate about Mod Cloth but love at the same time, it doesn't carry much of their products. I guess that's what makes them even more beautiful, and all worth it.

While you're at it...go check out the other swimwear you can purchase!! It's all good!!

Mod Cloth bathing suits galore!!!!

Pixielashes.com Contest!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pixielashes.com contest!!! Click on the link and visit this girl's site, I just started following her, and she has some wonderful reviews! It's gonna take me a while, but I will read all of them ~.~!!

But anyways, she has a contest going on, you should check it out! Looks like some wonderful stuff. Be sure to follow her!! =D!

BB Diamond Collection skin79, ice storm, and bathing suits!!

Hello everyone!! Been a couple of days, but thought it was best to give me a couple of days to get everything situated, along with our Internet source hasn't been working well since all this ice storm crap =(. Of course, like almost everybody else in America at this point, I have pictures of what we had to deal with!

I think there is like, an inch of ice on these trees. And this is after it was sunny and melting all nicely. There is still lots of ice out here, but not as bad as a couple days ago. My poor mother fell four times in this past weekend =(. I'm ready for spring and summer to be here already!!!! And speaking of summer.....

I bought my new swimsuit for Florida!!! We aren't going till July....but the bad thing about Mod Cloth is they don't like carrying a lot of an item, and they are such GORGEOUS items, everyone of course wants them. When I found this, I absolutely decided $89 was like nothing compared to this thing.

It's an Esther Williams. Beautiful, yes? Being a red head, and very pale, I believe I will just look great it in (sound full of myself right?) but it's hard not to with all the reviews I read on this. Everyone who purchased this, had nothing but thrills and amazing stories about it. I think that's why it was so priceless to me. And it's really hard to find a bathing suit I just absolutely love. I'm more of a Joan Holloway girl (Christina Hendricks' character from Mad Men, if you get my drift.) I just ordered it today, so now I'm just counting down the days til it actually gets here. I get so anxious for packages. It's like Christmas for me every time I do. Which by the way....


Don't mind that Game Informer which it's laying on...hahaha. It's true. I game a lot =B. So on to this product. I have been wanting to try skin79 products for a while, especially after hearing so many great things about them. This product comes out in a light liquid form, (I thought they were supposed to be white, from other reviews, but I dunno.) and is very foundation like feeling. I thought I would give it a few days before I posted anything about it, because with skincare you can never tell in just ONE day. The good thing I like about this is, I can use it as a foundation and moisturizing your skin. I often battle between dry skin, and then sometimes if I try to condition it, along with makeup, it gets oily. But with this product, I just skin the conditioning, since I use it as both. When you apply this, you can instantly tell the difference. It really does add an whitening to your face, acting as a stabilizer for making your skin tone even. And I was even amazed to the point it wasn't too dark, seeing I'm very fair skinned. It also makes your pores appear much smaller than what they really are, (I have those too...thanks dad!! Damn genetics.) So all in all, I am very pleased with this product so far. I think I should probably still give it some time to really decide, but I'm having pretty good luck with it. I'll just update again later with the real results. I got this off of Amazon for 13.99 from a seller. That's a lot better than the 29.99 Pinky Paradise wants you to pay for it!!! And here are some advertisement pictures from this product, to kind of give you even more of an idea what it is like. I think the cute pinkness to this product line is what really makes you want to buy it ~.~ lol.

And that's it for now!! So now I leave you off with a pretty bokeh picture I took from the ice storm and the day the sun was out!!!

St. Louis trip and Korean Aqualette Green Tea recovery mask!! =D

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh boy. It's been a while hasn't it? As you all know, we went to St. Louis to get a new couch and coffee table, which I love both very much! Our couch is a sage color (Did I ever mention green is my favorite color?) And the coffee table has two slide out chairs. SO neat!!!! So while we were there, we met up with friends, had supper, and went shopping!!! That's also obviously a favorite of mine. So on to the first review!!!!

So we went to a mall, which...honestly I can't remember the name of, and went to a few stores. But a store called Forever 21 happened to catch my eye. Looking like a fancy boutique, it was decorated with fancy white tables, and everything a girl could dream of! The walls were encased with lots and lots of jewelry, all for what is fairly cheap. I could buy the same jewelry here in my local town, and probably pay double for it.

I promised the boyfriend I wouldn't buy too much, or go bankrupt ahahaha. So I only bought a few cheap face masks, a pair of earrings, and a little lip gloss kit with three different shades.

I'm not really sure what brand the lip gloss is, as the only thing on the box says "Love & Beauty." I'm not really a fan of the red tinted lip gloss, but the other two go on pretty smooth, and I have a really bad problem with chapped lips in the winter. These worked better than most chapsticks that I buy at my work, which I thought was amazing. The whole set was only $3.80, another part that makes this great.


Ahh. There are so many things that I can say about this mask. I am only saddened that I won't be anywhere close to get more. I really should of bought more than just one. When pulling this out of the package, you would think that it would be a spread on mask, you know, the mud or slimey stuff that you end up washing off later. But surprise! It ends up coming out exactly how it looks on the package, only I think a little bit creepier. You use it of course after showering and cleansing your face, leaving your pores open to accept all the loveliness of this mask. I left it on for about 30 minutes, it was just so relaxing, but I don't think they suggest you leave it on that long (10-20 maybe.)  I took a short little relax nap with it on, and went upstairs to throw it away, and look at the progress. Sometimes I have problems with these masks because a lot of them are cheap, and slimey and make my skin break out. BUUUT! I cannot say that about this one. This mask was only $1.80, but was worth probably more than those 3 dollar ones you buy at Wal*Mart.

The thing they don't mention is the whitening power of this. It instantly cleared up my pores, and made my skin color all ....well normal. I don't know if many of you are familiar with asian skin care, but they have a lot to do with whitening and correcting the tone of your skin color, and also have the ability to sometimes remove facial scars caused from acne. Like I said, for a $1.80, I can't believe the work it did on me. And my skin was as smooth as silk!! I really do regret not buying more, or being able to have access to these locally, but perhaps I can find them on the internet soon =).

SO that was the review. Now for more about the St. Louis trip. We ended up meeting with the boyfriend's friend, and going out for supper at Oceano's Bistro, which is a wonderful seafood restaurant. I ended up having the scallops.
Mmmmm! Delicious! And fancy!!! However after 3, I was done. I highly recommend this place if you are in the mood for sea food, and are ever in the St. Louis area. They also served us some homemade bread made in a brick oven, along with an oil dip which I think I enjoyed more than any of my meal.  However, the price is a little expensive (Not really, $20 or more for a plate, which is reasonable if you know seafood.)

The night ended with some Irish pubs, where the evening went on for a very long time. Needless to say, it was a tiring journey home along with having to fight the snow. But it was enjoyable! Definitely a vacation that I needed.

Well that's all for now, I'll have to blog about the other face masks when I get around to using them, which one I have, but I thought I should put the other two together, ya know?? Soon I will be reviewing some BB cream that I ordered, which sounds pretty delicious to my skin right about now. =) So on that note, I'm leaving you with what St. Louis looked like by the end of the night, you know, after the pubs =D!!! Goodnight everyone!!

Ewww. Not feeling too good at this point =S

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