Bathing suit has arrived!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear Mod Cloth, I FRIGGIN LOVE YOU! My Esther williams bathing suit came in today, and of course, you have to try all new things on!! SO I DID.

So fair warning, I'm not bikini model sized, but I had to share how wonderful this suit is.

Don't mind the messy bed =S.

Ooooh. What prettyness. But it really doesn't look that needs a body!!! It just looks all wrinkled and crap without one!!! So let us see what it looks like when you pop a random red head in.....

WHHOAAA! Cover your eyes! That pale skin is like lightening flashing! But in all seriousness, wow. I like the overall look of it. And a lot of people were apparently having a problem with sizing, and it being a slimmer fit than what it says on the site, nu uh. I ordered a 16 because of my bust, and the rest of it is not snug, but comfortable. And gives me room if I grow from the winter ahahahaha. And to remind you.....

It's an Esther Williams BABY! $89 plus shipping and handling!! There's not too many left, one thing I hate about Mod Cloth but love at the same time, it doesn't carry much of their products. I guess that's what makes them even more beautiful, and all worth it.

While you're at it...go check out the other swimwear you can purchase!! It's all good!!

Mod Cloth bathing suits galore!!!!


sarahmydarling said...

I have the same bathing suit, but in red. Im in love with it aswell. I got a size twelve but its big in the chest. :( Oh well. Btw, you are gorgeous!

fashionvulpix said...

Awww thank you so much! I would take this bathing suit honestly in any color. It's so wonderful! I get compliments on it all the time, it's perfect! Sexy yet modest!! =D!!

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