BB Diamond Collection skin79, ice storm, and bathing suits!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hello everyone!! Been a couple of days, but thought it was best to give me a couple of days to get everything situated, along with our Internet source hasn't been working well since all this ice storm crap =(. Of course, like almost everybody else in America at this point, I have pictures of what we had to deal with!

I think there is like, an inch of ice on these trees. And this is after it was sunny and melting all nicely. There is still lots of ice out here, but not as bad as a couple days ago. My poor mother fell four times in this past weekend =(. I'm ready for spring and summer to be here already!!!! And speaking of summer.....

I bought my new swimsuit for Florida!!! We aren't going till July....but the bad thing about Mod Cloth is they don't like carrying a lot of an item, and they are such GORGEOUS items, everyone of course wants them. When I found this, I absolutely decided $89 was like nothing compared to this thing.

It's an Esther Williams. Beautiful, yes? Being a red head, and very pale, I believe I will just look great it in (sound full of myself right?) but it's hard not to with all the reviews I read on this. Everyone who purchased this, had nothing but thrills and amazing stories about it. I think that's why it was so priceless to me. And it's really hard to find a bathing suit I just absolutely love. I'm more of a Joan Holloway girl (Christina Hendricks' character from Mad Men, if you get my drift.) I just ordered it today, so now I'm just counting down the days til it actually gets here. I get so anxious for packages. It's like Christmas for me every time I do. Which by the way....


Don't mind that Game Informer which it's laying on...hahaha. It's true. I game a lot =B. So on to this product. I have been wanting to try skin79 products for a while, especially after hearing so many great things about them. This product comes out in a light liquid form, (I thought they were supposed to be white, from other reviews, but I dunno.) and is very foundation like feeling. I thought I would give it a few days before I posted anything about it, because with skincare you can never tell in just ONE day. The good thing I like about this is, I can use it as a foundation and moisturizing your skin. I often battle between dry skin, and then sometimes if I try to condition it, along with makeup, it gets oily. But with this product, I just skin the conditioning, since I use it as both. When you apply this, you can instantly tell the difference. It really does add an whitening to your face, acting as a stabilizer for making your skin tone even. And I was even amazed to the point it wasn't too dark, seeing I'm very fair skinned. It also makes your pores appear much smaller than what they really are, (I have those too...thanks dad!! Damn genetics.) So all in all, I am very pleased with this product so far. I think I should probably still give it some time to really decide, but I'm having pretty good luck with it. I'll just update again later with the real results. I got this off of Amazon for 13.99 from a seller. That's a lot better than the 29.99 Pinky Paradise wants you to pay for it!!! And here are some advertisement pictures from this product, to kind of give you even more of an idea what it is like. I think the cute pinkness to this product line is what really makes you want to buy it ~.~ lol.

And that's it for now!! So now I leave you off with a pretty bokeh picture I took from the ice storm and the day the sun was out!!!


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