Lots to update?? Sally Hanson nail polish strips, eye primer, leopard nails??

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ohmygosh. It was been a long week. I guess I haven't updated in a while, which makes me feel even worst. But ah, at least I'm here now. So I just want to let everyone know how wonderful my Valentine's day was. (Kind of late for this entry, but I still feel it is necessary. ) The day began with a Doctor's appointment, and then I came home to the lovely site of roses.

Aww how sweet! I had bought a cake that day, and it was the most delicious cake I had ever tasted. However, Zac a day later swiped it off the counter accidently, and then there was no more delicious cake =(.

Awww. We had just got back from TGI Friday's. Delicious! I got the Sizzling Chick and Shrimp while he got some kind of other chicken or maybe even a Jack burger. I love dressing up, but I noticed a lot of couples really didn't. Not saying there's anything wrong with that, just I like makeup too much. So the outfit and jewelry were from Maurices;

I had a $10 off coupon punch card that day, so I got everything for about $36. The makeup is by L'oreal, the eye studio shades in Sapphire Siren. 

So a couple of nights later I decided to get those new nail polish strips from Sally Hansen? I got the #350 Misbehaved.

These go for around $8 here.and are made for any nail size. 
Oooh. Look at that strip! So obviously, the little tab goes on the top of the nail so you can pull the tab, and file the tip for adjustment. So I was pretty satisfied with the results, for I have used another brand of strip nail polish before, and the situation not going so well. I was pretty sure this product wasn't going to work, and that I wouldn't keep my hopes up too much. But I was proven wrong. The next day, none of the polish had come off in sleep. I went to work, which CVS is horrible on nails, and it only got a few dents in. The real problem came when I would shower. The bottom of these nails don't always fit perfectly right, and may go over your cuticle just SLIGHTLY! And all of a sudden your hair likes getting stuck in the tiny cracks where nail and polish don't meet. Ouch. Not really, but just an annoyance. But still, they hardly faded in the shower. I then began working on earrings that I've been making, and that's when the polish met its match. I got bored with this pattern, only because I saw some fake nails at Wal*Mart that are red and leopard print. Yeah...how teenager rockstar of me, but hey, I LOVED them. So I had to try and take this polish off before I put on the nails. Ugh, would not come off easily. Took forever . But I think the end result is good =)

So yeah. I've been making earrings because I get bored easily, and need something to do that is productive. And I thought if I could buy jewelry, I could make it and not worry about paying $10 for a pair I'll only wear once. So I bought the kit, some beads, and dug through old jewelry I knew I wouldn't use. This is what I came out with. 

Eeek. I have a few more I made, but I don't have pictures of them yet. I love the angel wing ones, but I don't have anything pink to wear these with. But they're so pretty =(.  

So I dunno, these earrings are just a way to let steam off I suppose. We spend a lot more time at home than out anymore, not that I mind. I like staying inside, and enjoying old movies or cleaning the house together. But then again, I like going out every once in a while too. Well I have written all I need to say for today! I will leave you with the gift I got after we got done having dinner with Zac's sister. We ate at Ruby Tuesday's, and it was delicious. 

A lavender and peach martini. The bartender said most didn't like it, but I loved it! Even the dipping the lavender tea bag in it! He advised that I not make the martini completely purple, or it would be like drinking perfume. But yum yum!! 


Jenny said...

Your eye makeup is GORGEOUS!!! I can't believe it's L'Oreal, fantastic! I've seen those nail strips in store but never in action, very clever xD

fashionvulpix said...

I was pretty happy with the nail strips, ONLY by Sally Hansen though. There was another kind that Walgreens was selling about a year ago, but they kind of just peeled off after having them on for about five seconds. Aww. Thanks about the makeup! I always keep most of my makeup for special occasions, but the L'oreal was the only one that I had colors to match silver lol. It worked out pretty well, I had to wet the powder though.

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