Valentine's Day!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

This is my first year for celebrating Valentine's day with Zac, and I just have to say I am extremely lucky. And to make this day special, I thought I would share what I was wearing, and a very small review of makeup. It's also an update review to my skin79 product that I did a review for.

Hard Candy Ginormous Lash. I have had this mascara for about six months now (They tell you to get rid of old mascara because it can clog pores, become clumpy,all in all bad stuff happens.) But it still seems to work it's magic on me. It's the only stuff that doesn't clump, but still gives me volumous eyelashes. I should just stop buying other mascara, but like most of us, I have this horrible addiction to makeup I don't or haven't owned before. Hard Candy makeup can be found at Wal-Mart, for around anywhere from 6-8 bucks. They have the outragous and vibrant colors that Wal-Mart carries for makeup.

This is a CVS item, which I believe is called "The Color Workshops" I actually got a set of four of these eye shadow kits, two lipsticks, two lip gloss & blush, with four eyeliner pencils. The cost was about $1.99, for it was a Christmas item and was on clearance. These little guys don't work well on eyes unless you wet the brush down. But it's ok, they work WONDERS when you do.  The gift set was originally 9.99, so I don't think this is really expensive makeup. For my eyes I used the bottom right one first, then the middle, and then the top for my highlighting.  I usually don't wear smokey eyes, so this was the first time using this palette.

I also used Physicians Formula blush, in a coral color, I don't really remember what it's called. My foundation is the skin79 product I had reviewed earlier, which I said I needed a bit more time to review. It works WONDERFUL! I no longer have any breakouts, I use it as a foundation since it is tinted, it's a moisturizer, and it covers my pores completely! I am really impressed with this, and will use this FOREVER.  I also used a charcoal eyeliner on the upper lid, and lower lid, from Covergirl.

This is the end result. I also have my Barbie Gossip Aqua's in this, and this is with no flash. I think it looks good...But I could be wrong lol. I think it's a VERY Simple smokey eye.

Hahaha. And the big result. Did I forget to tell you all, I got my hair done too? This is more of my natural color of red, instead of that dark stuff. It is becoming spring outside, so I thought light would go with happy weather.

And this is my dress I'm wearing tonight. So I will make sure to take lots of pictures!! And tell you where we went to eat. I get so excited over food =S. So there ya go! A small update! And Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!!


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