Princess Mimi green apple (BAMBI SERIES) Contact lenses!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is going to be a very short post, for I have to work in a little bit, but I had to let everyone know about the Bambi lenses (Princess Mimi) That I received!! They are pretty popular right now, and I was afraid I wouldn't get them in. BUT I DID MUAHAHAHA!! Thank you Pinky Paradise for having them for 23.90 instead of 32.00 like I was seeing at different places!!! I always trust Pinky Paradise, they have never done me wrong!!!

Check THAT out!!! I think it shows up REALLY good on my natural blue eyes. Sorry for the no makeup deal, I haven't gotten ready for work yet. Buut look at how super green those are!! WOW!! This is my first green pair, so I'm really happy with the outcome. I highly suggest these, in any color, because I feel they are made with amazing design. Remember that different color of natural eye may make different eye colors with the lenses.

Did I mention I cut off all my hair.....?????

eh, not a very good picture, but what can you expect with cell phones. It's all gone. I can't even put it in a pony tail lol...but I felt that I couldn't handle the weight of my hair anymore, so it's a situation that took a lot of thinking to go through. But now I have to go to work, and I'm sorry to everyone that I haven't been posting a lot, a girl at work just had her baby( Which is the most adorable baby girl I've ever seen!! Congrats Jessica!!!) and we've been making up the hours for her. So hopefully someday I'll have time!! So now I leave you with a picture of what I got today!!

Rohto lycee eye drops, green frog contact holders, Princess Mimi lenses, and a kamipita bow!!! Thanks everyone!!


Sakky ♡ said...

Wow!! Those are great! I've been searching for a good pair of really pigmented ( but still natural looking) lenses and I think I've found them now~ ♥

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