Geo Mimi Café Latte Brown 15mm and more!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Geeze. I take forever to get back from stuff. That and I haven't really been "buying" a lot of stuff here lately. I've been on a big jewelry kick here lately. I found an ebay seller who sells fairly cheap jewelry. Cheap=price, NOT quality. Here are the pieces I bought!

The last bracelet didn't have the winged charm, so the  ebayer was so polite to mail me a new one! =) !!!

But now to the part you've been wanting to see, the Cafe Latte brown geo lens!

I went with this time, and this is my first purchase from their store. I have to say, I WILL BE GOING HERE from now on. I just think they care a little more about their customers, and I got my lens in three days. THREE DAYS that is crazy! They sent a little thank you note, a free eye mask, free lens case, and a beautiful little version of the black Contact Lens Travel Kit Case with a rose on it. It's only big enough to hide a little tube of lipstick, but sooooo adorable! Shoppingholics I felt took the time to tell me how much they appreciated my business, by all the free gifts and thank you note! I forgot to mention the sticky Velcro hair thing that most sites give out and the D-UP Eyelashes Fixer EX 552-Clear Type(Pink bottle-Limited) that I bought for soon to come lashes. Here are some pictures from the package!!!

 Cuuuuuuute!!!! I was overjoyed by the wonderful surprise bag!!! Now on to the actual lens review!!!

Without flash

With flash


Comfort:9/10! MOST Comfortable Geo lens ever! So far anyways. I have a pair of Mimi Apple Greens, and they just HATE my eyes. Look awesome, can't wear for more than an hour. I wore these after soaking for 12 hours, and had them on for a whole 8 hour shift of work, and then some. They dry a little, but nothing that most contacts don't already do a little of.
Design:10/10 I wanted a brown lens, because I have blue eyes, and never tried them. Well, needless to say they don't look as well as they do probably on a brown eyed girl, but I still love the design! SO CRAFTY! And swirly. It still gives my eye a rather large doe eyed look when there is not a bunch of light though. My eyes practically look brown in low light as you can tell from the ones with no flash. I think the whole Cafe line looks just amazing! But I doubt I will be going for a dark color again in the future. While I love these, they just don't seem to be as cool looking as on dark eyes. 

Like I said, I have natural grey/blue eyes, so they look pretty swirly in colors when I wear them.

So there you go! Ever had doubts about going to shoppingholics? Well don't, because they are by far THE BEST that I've gone to get circle lens, and not only that they do carry a lot of cosmetics!

On my leaving note, I leave you with a picture of Tommy, a kitten that we've been bottle feeding, the mother won't let him feed all of a sudden. So we've been taking care of him (Grandma, mom and I) And he is coming along fine! He doesn't know how to feed though....
So we have to be really patient with him. But he is worth it =). If you have tumblr, visit my tumblr to see more pictures of cute kittens, and other random pretty stuff. =). I have a wedding to photograph this weekend, so it's gonna be a busy end of July from here on out!


♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Tommyyy~~!! <33 I love that kit. (May or may not have been making kissy faces at the Tumblr posts of kitties~.)

And those Latte Browns are so cool-looking. o: As far as all the new Geo lenses, I REALLY like the Lotus series on light eyes. Sara Mari has the greens: .

Gah-- that bracelet is gorgeous~~. I usually don't like gold-coloured jewelry, but that thing is too darn adorable.

fashionvulpix said...

I used to not like gold a lot either, I was a platinum kind of girl =). But I notice gold goes really well with red hair, so I wanted to be fashionably sensible, and learned to love it!! Haha. Yeah, I love kittens T.T so much I want to take them all home! If I could be a kitty queen,I would hahaha! OH MAI GAWD! I always look at her pictures, because she is on of the few that I see with light eyes take good picture samples! And you're right, those lotus ones are frickin' awesome looking! I couldn't decide if I wanted a flower series, or the cafe series. I went with the wrong choice!! XD

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