Neo Vision Dali extra grey and masks!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hi everyone! It's been a while, I've been busy back at work, and it was my birthday, which happened to fall on father's day too!! I also want to apologize again because of the sweet  comments I receive on my blog, but for some reason blogger won't let me respond!!! Does anyone know what could be the cause of this?? Anyways back to the important part of this blog.

So to celebrate my birthday, I ordered Neo Vision Dali extra grey lens and some face masks!!

Comfort-10/10! These are the MOST comfortable lens that I have EVER purchased. They don't even start bothering me until 8 hours +!!!
Enlargement-7/10 but this isn't a bad thing. They are a VERY natural looking lens. And they do make your eyes appear slightly larger because of the dark outer circle.

All in all, I wear these a lot now. They never bother my eyes, and I get a lot of compliments for them. My boyfriend also likes them the most because they don't look unnatural lol.

Now I also got some face masks, Face Q Red Pomegranate & CoQ10 Mask,Limited Edition! My Beauty Diary Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Honey Strawberry Mask and Bulgarian White Rose. I have only used the Hello kitty honey strawberry one.
The mask really did make my face feel nice and moisturized. Buuuut the smell was VERY disappointing. It smelled a lot like home made apple wine. Which if you have never had home made apple wine, it is very smelly, and a lot of fermintation(is that the word I'm looking for?) Almost like a yeast smell. But like I said, I noticed instantly the whitening.

Along with this, I bought some jewelry, not all of it has came in, but my new favorite earrings that I wear all the time came in. Betsey Johnson golden koi earrings!!!
Don't mind the horrible chipped nail job =S. But these are soooooo cute! I wear them as though they are swimming down from my ear. They have to be one of my favorite gifts!!
I also received L.A. Noire from Zac for my birthday, so my days off have been actually working as a detective hahahaha. But once again, sorry for the lack of updates!! And like I said, if anyone knows how the heck I can fix my comments to where I can reply, please let me know! It's not me ignoring you guys honestly! =)


♥ Noxin ♥ said...

FFFFF- L.A. NOIRE. <33 My lil sis got this recently, and we played it for, like, 24 hours straight immediately. Haha. It's so interesting trying to read suspects' body language...

No to mention interacting with your various partners.

Anyway, those Extra Dalis look really cool on your eyes. <33 I love that series on lighter eye colours~. And Neo lense are so comfyyy~~. (Thank you 45% water content.)

Those koi earrings are literally the coolest pieces of jewelry I can remember having seen.

Lastly, happy (belated birthday)! : D

P.S. Do you mean Blogger won't let you reply to individual comments? Because that's normal. Only one of those widget deals/certain blog coding allow for replying that way. Most folks just post a comment to their own post and reply that way.... unless that's what you mean isn't working. @_@

Anonymous said...

Gaaaah! I don't know. It's really confusing me, and I don't like how I can't respond to nice comments like yours =(. Thanks for the happy birthday! It was good and the rest of my jewelry came in! I like the dalis, and they are very natural looking, but now I want to try the new cafe mimi's, but I'm afraid they'll be really uncomfortable like my green apple mimi's have become. I used to not have a problem with them until recently. The koi earrings I found on ebay, for only 5.99!!! And only took two weeks to get here from China, without express mail so I thought that was awesome too!!!
Hahaha~I found a way to trick this sucker! I just made a wordpress account just to comment on my own blog -.0;;; how silly is that?!

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