hair cut!! And vacation!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello everyone! I am excited to let everyone know that I cut my hair really short....again! hahahaha.

so what do ya think? =D! I got the hair cut picture from!

Similiar, but my hair type is a little different, and my bangs are def a lot different lol. Oh well I still love what the result was!! Super cute!!

I really have no review here today, and I'm getting ready to go to Branson for the weekend! So I'm sure I'll have lots to post about!

Last weekend was Zac's birthday. We had a quiet night out at the bar with his dad and stepmom.
Yeah. I decided to pounce him for a random iphone snap!

And now I leave you with some of my iphone photography! =D

Oooh I love that kitten. I want to call him Spunky! Well on that note, it's almost time for me to take Zac to Kohl's. Oh, does anyone have any suggestions on what circle lens I should get next for my birthday? It's coming up, and I thought that would be a nice gift to myself. =).

I leave you with many pictures of me dressed as Marvel heroes. Enjoy!


♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Gah-- your hair cut! <33 So cuuttee~. I really like how much the shorter hair shows of your curls. :33 And your bangs look peerrrfect.

Also-- spiderman mask. Haha. I love iit~. (Plus your t-shirt. That's one of the winning-est band tees I've seen in quite some time...)

As for circle lenses? Hrm... I'd go for something from the EOS G-201/Max Pure of the V-201 (Pure) series. They blend well with any eye colour and are rather darling. :] ...that or something from the Neo Glamour series: they ALSO blend well, and the colours are gooorrgg. (Not to mention they've a pretty high water content, and rather thin lenses: so very comfy~.)

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