Lauren Conrad outfit, healing garden and select lash, and hipstamatic!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh geeze. Everything you can do on this iphone is amazing! Seeing as I am all about photography (and do it as a part time living) I had heard soooo much about Hipstamatic, and decided to actually buy the app and a few other lens and film for it.

Oh I just love the way these photos feel. I also love how my mother has antique items to take pictures of =3.

After I took some pictures, I took my mom into town to get her groceries and other stuff, and low and behold I found some neat items!!!

The Healing Garden Romance Passionate Rose RainWater body mist!
I am always looking for some kind of rose scent, because I used to have a Disney Belle perfume that smelled of the most wonderful roses!! I still have the bottle so I can smell it. But I can't ever find anything close to it, so I get pretty excited and buy anything to do with roses. This is a nice light smell of roses, which I got the lotion too. It's still nothing compared to my Belle perfume, but it is something different while Summer is still going on.

OH my gosh, and for the best thing I got today!!!
This is the Lauren Conrad clothing line (Both top and shorts) and I had Kohl's $10 off. So I got the entire outfit for $52.14 !! I guess that's not too bad, seeing some outfits are really really expensive. I really wanted these shoes, they were on clearance, but I don't want to spend too much money before vacation T.T

I'm trying to convince Zac to buy them for me since they are only $14 hahahaha! We will see.....

I also bought some lashes made by Select Last, and cut them in half because I don't feel the need for a full set.

Along with the latte lens again! Hahaha. I just love them, so neat. I used my D-UP Eyelashes Fixer EX 552-Clear Type(Pink bottle-Limited), and it has a pretty neon blue look to it (weird description, I know, but when you look at the brush it does! Weird gel colors and their magic!! But anyways, this is by far the best glue I've used, because of the easy access shape brush. It is perfect for either eye or eyelash.

I love my nude lipstick. But I really want to try a coral soon.
And Hard candy blush is ok, I just want good makeup, but refuse to pay so much. I will break down soon.

Oh, by the way, I also got a L.A. Colors pink swatch set for like, $1.25 from DG also, just because I was curious at these vibrant colors, and the horrible cheap price of fear. Well they worked awesome! A lot shimmery than some of my other shades from CG or L'Oreal. I was really surprised! I may add those later if someone asks later. Well, I'm off to prepare for my friends wedding tomorrow. I'm going to try and shoot it both with my Canon, and the Hipstamatic. Just an experiment. =).


just Jennifer :3 said...

woowww i love how you edit your pictures! ;o so vintage looking <3 and im inlove with your shoes *-*


♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Those. Freakin'. Shoes. <3333 You NEEEED those in your life. Haha.

Love those lashes- so intense and pretty~~. And have fun at the wedding and your little shooting experiment. ;P

fashionvulpix said...

Jennifer-aww thanks =). It's an iPhone app called Hipstamatic. You can change your lens and film type on the app. Those shoes are the bomb! I'm really tall, and usually can't really wear heels without being....a giant ;_;! So it has just enough heel to be cute!

Noxin-Another vote on the shoes! They're the cutest pattern ever! The lashes are pretty good quality, even for being $1.25. I buy cheap crap and find a way to make it still work somehow. The wedding turned out friggin awesome! I'll have some posts of it in a couple days or so. BEST PHOTOS I'VE TAKEN EVER!!!

Jenny said...

The floral kitten heels are perfect! I didn't know about the line!

fashionvulpix said...

The shoes weren't Lauren Conrad's, but the rest of the stuff was. She has a lot of nice patterns a lot of floral (which I love so much!) and vintage likeness to them. I would buy a lot more of it! Which I can't remember the name brand of the shoes now gosh darn it. I haven't blogged in forever after vacation! I still need to do that I suppose XD~!

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