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Friday, October 7, 2011

Just thought I'd give a quick look at how the Lauren Conrad pleather brown shorts and top actually look on someone other than on LC.  I also have brown leggings on underneath the shorts. Oooooh I just love it! This is my first time wearing this outfit. The heels are a brand I can't remember. I got them last year though. I loooooove the bows on the side (excuse the upside down picture hahaha. It was the only view I could get good with the bows in the picture.)

I don't wear heels very often, as seeing I am almost 6ft tall, so I am glad these don't make me too much taller. It's not so much of an extreme heel. And comfortable enough to still shop in! But after slipping over to stalk Jenny's page a little bit, she posted pictures of some oxfords she got from Yesstyle  That I
would absolutely love to get. She has them in the khaki color, but I would absolutely love them in a chocolate mix color.

These are the ones  I want. =) I just love them! ANd the design quality is well worth the $100 that they cost.

I am starting to really dislike blogspot (blogger, whatevs) it keeps posting my pictures where I don't want them to be, and it just seems so glitchy for me all the time -.-;; .Grrrr. Oh well. So this weekend, I have absolutely nothing planned. Probably a bunch of old scary movies and sitting on the couch cuddling up to the boyfriend is the majority of the plan. I'm sure you all will hear about it at some point. I hope everyone has a good weekend! (I'm so awkward and don't know how to end a blog. EVER. I feel like I'm always cutting it short.)


Jenny said...

I love your sweater/top!! Such a cute outfit! I'm so in love with brown too this season!

fashionvulpix said...

I love this sweater the most because of the gold polka dots on it. Brown is just so easy to work with. I think since it's an earth tone it's easy to look good and not be so overbearing. Another plus is that I don't have to put on as much makeup to go with these outfits XD!

Mia Rivel said...

Beautiful Blog

-Mia xo

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