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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hello everyone! Since I last updated, I have officially stopped working at CVS. Between my doctor appointments and what is in store for the future for my right hand and other reasons that I should just take some time off. So I will spending a lot of time trying to get my photography business going. You can see examples of my work here at facebook =D!

So moving on to the main reason of the post! I got some cute new things that I thought I would share with the world, and try and make it to where I blog not only when I have something new to review XD.

Thirty-One Owl Coin Purse
This is the cutest thing ever! I usually do a lot of photography work in places where I can't keep an eye on my purse, or need as much room for something else that I can't carry a wallet. This is the perfect size for your License, some money and maybe a tube of lipstick or lipgloss. The pattern and material is so cute and tough so it shouldn't ever fall apart!!!

Thirty-One Manicure SetI LOVE THIS PATTERN! And the manicure set is the nicest I have found yet! It should seeing it was $16 haha. But the floral printing is my favorite. I die for prints like these. I have a lot of shirts like this. The set comes with cuticle pusher, nail file, nail clippers, and cuticle scissors.

Holga 35mm Camera 
 I finally got my camera Jenny!! It is everything I thought and more!! The owner of the well known site had a sale, and when I saw she had her Holga camera on sale, I snatched it up literally in five seconds. She also included a roll of film and the long wire that allows you to take self portraits easier ( I forgot the damn name, XP) I will be sure to update with the pictures I get from it!

hhh, my favorite purchase from Amazon in the last few weeks has been Doodle-Stitching, a wonderful book with different projects like quilts, designs for hats, or other doodles you can stitch on things to make them neat. I'm currently working on a pink themed bunny pillow for my mom, that way she has to be nice and tell me it is awesome.I'll post the pattern below.
Adorable, right? I'm just doing it in a pink theme instead of blue. Pink and brown that is.....And don't mind the Hello Kitty pajama bottoms x.x!!

So that's currently what is in my "hobby" basket. Perhaps I will have more cute things to show in the near future if I ever get around to making them. I'm also trying to read the first Gunslinger book in the series by Stephen King AND read my second part of Maus. So we will see. Hope you all enjoyed!


Jenny said...

Awe yay it arrived safely!! So glad!

That coin person is freakin adorable :OO

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