Opening REVIEW! Barbie Gossip Aqua lenses, Kamipita bows!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello everyone! I'm at the hand of trying this new blog thing, for I really need something to do with my time off, other than sitting around playing video games. Since I buy a lot of fashion accessories, clothes, makeup and so much more, I figured why not review them? I know there are plenty of other review sites out there, but this is mostly for my friends who know nothing about what is out there! So let us start the review!!


I know what you are all thinking. Ever since the doctor scare with the Lady Gaga craze of wearing circle lenses (Which hers are not even real, by the way, it is computer generated. There is really no possible way to make your eyes THAT big.) that circle lenses are harmful, and will cause you to go blind. I, as well as many others will also tell you, circle lenses are just as harmful as regular contact lenses.   Over time, if you misuse contact lenses, you can cause yourself to have eye infections. Always make sure to wash your hands before you apply your contacts, and no makeup!! I strongly advise that part. Apply makeup always at a later time, because you may have to try a couple of times before the contact goes in. I know I do, for the simple fact I am quite a new user to lenses, and have longer nails.

I purchased these lenses from Pinky Paradise, a well trusted circle lense online store. Let me remind you, that these are not my first pair of circle lenses. I also purchased some Hana SPC Hyper Circle Grey contact lenses, which I will do a review of later. I always wanted to try the Barbie Gossip Aqua, for the simple fact I saw Jenny @ review them also.

When ordering from Pinkyparadise, you have the different options of shipping, on this order I got the FEDEX, simply because I wanted to wear them to a special event that was the next weekend. FEDEX shipping will cost you twenty dollars, which is far more than the simple 5 you pay for standard shipping. I received my order a couple days later, with my blue elephant lense case (Did I mention you get a free lense case everytime you order a pair of lenses from Pinky Paradise?), and my free gift!

This is the cute blue elephant case that I got!! You can always request which ones you want in the notes before you order, and they have so many selections!! But the blue elephants are my favorite...They always twist to front the right way, making it easy for you to know which lense is right and left!!

And this is the outcome of the Gossip Aqua!! This is a very natural looking lense, while still giving you the doll eye look. I like them for the simple fact that you cannot easily distinguish if they are a lense or not, the brown mix in the middle really makes it easy to blend in with your natural eye color if you have blue, grey or green eyes.  My only complaint that I have had with these lenses is that my left one is a little harder to put in my eye for some reason, always wanting to fold up when I do so. But other than that, when you have them in, they feel like they are barely there, and I usually don't have to put eyedrops in except at the beginning to  get them a little adjusted. The eyedrops I recommend using are Rohto, which come in a neat little bottle. 

Now! To see what they look like when they are not zoomed in on just your eye!!

Tada!!! Natural, yet you can tell that my eyes are slightly bigger than before! Like I said before, these lenses are amazing!! I want to try the green in the gossip series, or any other Barbie series, they seem to be very pretty lenses, and I have heard overall good things about them! They cost 25.90 USD (American dollars) plus shipping and handling, making these lenses affordable. I do not have a strength of prescription, seeing my eyes are perfect and I wear these for cosmetic reasons only. I don't think they make circle lenses for astigmatism.


Ahhhh. My free gift that I received from Pinky Paradise was a Kamipita Bow. When I first got it, I thought it was just a fashion accessory, to wear because it's cute. However, when I looked up more about them, I found out they are more for holding your hair back for when you are styling it and putting makeup on!!

The bow comes in a small package, like above. They come in different patterns and colors. They have velcro on the back of them, and they just stick into your hair! No clasping and hurting, and they are ultra thin too! Making the weight non-existent and comfortable. 

Zing! And that's how I wear them. Remember at the time, I didn't know they were to hold your hair back haha.   And there you have it!! Two items that you probably never knew about, that you can now try for yourself! Always remember if you do buy circle lenses, buy them from a trusted site, and always take care of them in a clean, safe way! You will never have problems if you follow the rules. It makes beauty that much more worth it!


Jenny said...

Wow these look gorgeous on you! :)

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